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Polyethylene spiral Corrugated Hose

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Shanghai LINKER Industry Co., a family enterprise that integrated research, development, design, manufacture and trade. LINKER factory was established in 1998 October. The factory already has twenty years experience and history. During these years, the company is committed to development and production for fire resistant plastic corrugated soft tube and plastic soft tube. The main products are over 10 kinds of various specs of plastic soft tube, and can customize colors, diameters and thickness according to customer’s request.

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Polyethylene spiral Corrugated Hose
Flexible PVC tubing offers a broad range of chemical and corrosion resistance, excellent abrasion and wear resistance, rubber-like flexibility, visual contact with the flow (clear pvc tubing and hose styles), and outstanding flow characteristics. These features, along with various construction options offered (wire or braid reinforcement, rigid pipe, unreinforced) and the different formulations available (fuel and oil, 3A, FDA, NSF certified), make PVC attractive for so many applications. These include general industrial, food and beverage, potable water lines, pharmaceutical and medical, chemicals, fuels, oils, and mechanical applications including protective coverings and insulation sleeving.

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Limited space? Tired of sagging and tangling for normal straight hoses, want it tidy and well-organized?

Spiral Hoses is a great choice for you.

1 – 100% Virgin material for great performance, absolutely no regrind.
2 – Recoil memory allowing faster and completely retract.
3 – Minimized Sagging or tangling, kinking is virtually eliminated.
4 – Abrasion resistance, longer service life.
5 – Working temperature range: -4°F to +158°F (-20°C to +70°C).
6 – Size, Length and fitting customized availale.

Popular Size/ Working and Burst Pressure:
Polyurethane Plastic Spiral Spring Coiled air Hose with 1/4 BSP fitting

Underground for drainage steel reinforced polyethylene (HDPE) pipe continuous spiral Spiral Corrugated Pipe pressed into the approximate shape of a spiral steel ribs ^ wrapped in heat-sealed between the inner and outer layers of polyethylene, the high degree of steel steel, high strength and poly ethylene flexibility, corrosion resistance, wear together. Production diameter range 300-2200 mm, length 6-10 m, ring stiffness can reach SN8, SN12.5, SN16, SN18 four levels to make up for past large diameter plastic pipes buried in the general ring stiffness SN8 only limit is reached.

The product can be connected using a variety of methods to adapt to different project needs, to better meet the convenience of sealing reliability and connectivity construction requirements.

Linked industry in achieving high performance while highlighting the advantages of saving raw materials, can significantly reduce the cost than buried with full plastic ring with a diameter steel pipes.