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Plastic Pipes

Corrugated halogen-free conduits with UV-stabilisation Corrugated one-wall pipesfor power cables and wires protection and insulation in direct UV exposure and inside the buildings. UV stable pipe designed for mechanical protection of all kinds of power and data wiring.Suitable for outside instalation. Pipe is available with pull-out wire as well. It is used in premises where human resources and valuable property protection, damage minimization in case of fire, further on it is used for machinery, public buildings and railways.Suitable for housing and industrial distribution in hospitals, schools, IT centers, etc. Suitable for environments with increased need of people and equipment protection. Also Suitable for installing in dangerous zone 2 in explosive areas.

Application area:

Mechanical protection and insulation of power cables and wires during the establishment of:

• Safe connections and installations at electric power substations;
• Cable connections between storeys;
• Connections of buildings to electrical power networks;
• Transition of overhead lines to underground cable networks;
• Mechanical protection of power cables inside buildings. Physical properties:
• Long term UV resistance (more than 10 years);
• Self-extinguishing, designed for installations in public buildings;
• Increased fire resistance;

• Low smoke emission;
• Made from flame retarding PP-based compound;
• Temperature resistance from -40° C to +90° C
• Long-term durability and abrasion resistance;
• Pipes provide long-lasting, corrosion-free service;
• No need for servicing (repainting, removal of rust);
• Quick and cheap installation;
• With pulling wire.

Anti UV PVC corrugated pipe produced in coil lengths of 25 and 50 metres with pre-installed pulling wire. Each coil is fixated with polypropylene band. Coils are positioned on pallets and stretch-packed for comfortable handling. Flexible, excellent tenacity and high mechanical strength.
Luster in surface and Insulation.

• wind resistant;anti-friction; resistant to oil,acid and solvents;uv-resistant.
• free of halogen,phosphor and cadmium.
• They are very light, which makes it easier to assemble and transport them.
• Their smooth internal surface makes I t easy to insert the cables inside the pipes
• They have excellent mechanical and physical features
• They are resistant to impact, as well as impermeable to water and dust
• They are long lasting, and without need for maintenance
• flexible pipes make possible continuous placing and are very adaptable to the demands of the terrain; also these pipes are very cost saving.
• they are used at temperature range from -40°C up to +80°C
• they are highly resistant to corrosion
• Light material, easy and quickly to storage and manipulate
• Easy to transport, simple and cheap assembling process
• The process of connecting two PVC pipes doesn’t last for more than 1 minute, there for the interruptions of the traffic do not last very long
• They have thin walls, so that the laying of the cables inside the pipes is very swift and simple
• In the same trench a large number of pipes can be laid next and on top of each other
• Connections are impermeable to water and any other fluids
• They are resistant to corrosion in alkaline, acid or any other aggressive environment
• They are fine electrical insulators and also resistant to stray currents
• They’re resistant to impact
• They are resistant to ageing (with the life time of more than 50 years)