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PVC corrugated pipe; Threading tube; Flame retardant tube; Corrugated tube; Wire protection tube; Uv protection tube; Plastic pipes; Flame retardant threading tube; Threading pipe insulation; Fire retardant tube; Waterproof wire protection tube; Wear resistance wire protection tube; Wire corrugated protection tube; Cable wire protection tube; Power cable protection tube; Uv protection cable protection tube; Uv threading protection tube; Flame retardant uv protection tube; Uv power protection tube; Uv protection tube processing;


Automotive wiring, machinery, machine tool automation instrument, electrical motors, protect the cable wires, automotive wiring harness, machinery, ships and rail transit can also be used for machine tools such as mechanical, automation instrument, electrical motor, wear is not affected by external forces and insulation protection cable wire. Wire casing, adornment casing, is suitable for liquid and oil transportation, power line protection, the protection of the automotive wiring harness, machinery, machine tool automation instrument, etc

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Plastic building materials; Explosion-proof equipment; Insulating materials; Corrugated tube; PVC pipe; General plastic.

PVC corrugated pipe Introduction:

The main raw material is PVC , extruded by extruder machine, it is a new type tube developed from 70S.PVC single-wall corrugated pipe USES the circular groove structure, can have both hard PVC tube of rigid and flexible hose, therefore make the pipe has the characteristics of the firm with soft, it can be used for conveying some liquid and gas as well as embedded wire casing. Single-wall corrugated pipe both inside and outside surface of corrugated, although its bending rigidity, flexibility, but its fluid resistance is big, and easy to make the screw slot on the inner surface deposition of suspended solids.So PVC single wall corrugated pipe wall is thinner, strength requirement is very high and need freedom small-bore tube bending, such as threading pipe, line pipe and the exhaust pipe, etc.Single-wall corrugated pipe with inside or outside of the basic structure parameter, other such as wall thickness, wave, wave thickness are determined based on inner or outer diameter.Corrugated highly available wave deep coefficient K said, it is the ratio of the corrugated tube outer diameter and inner diameter, the greater its value, the height of the corrugated is higher. Bellows waveform, press along the axial slit after geometry can be divided into spiral, U, C, S, V, and Ω, waveform on the stiffness and strength of pipe has a certain influence.Ordinary PVC single wall corrugated pipe and PVC pipe production technology of the main difference is that the extrusion circular cross section of the tube billet, strike in corrugated type blow molding mold molding for corrugated pipe, after detailed sees, narrate the process flow, production process and forming principle.