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Electrical Nonmetallic Tubing (ENT)

China 's well-known trademark

Shanghai LINKER Industry Co., a family enterprise that integrated research, development, design, manufacture and trade. LINKER factory was established in 1998 October. The factory already has twenty years experience and history. During these years, the company is committed to development and production for fire resistant plastic corrugated soft tube and plastic soft tube. The main products are over 10 kinds of various specs of plastic soft tube, and can customize colors, diameters and thickness according to customer’s request.

Thanks for your trust and support to Shanghai LINKER Industry Co., Ltd. Here is the proposal according to your request, pls. Kindly review. We sincerely wish can provide you perfect machine and services.!

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Electrical Nonmetallic Tubing (ENT)
Electrical Non-Metallic Tubing (ENT) Conduit and Fittings


Fast Installation - Light and strong Carlon ENT is free of sharp edges for faster installation and lower installed costs.

Easy Pull - Conductors easily push through the raceway of Carlon ENT up to about 50 feet.

Won't Rust or Conduct Current - Because Carlon ENT doesn't include metal, it doesn't corrode and will not conduct electricity.


ENT Flexible Raceway (137)
Flexible Raceway Fittings & Accessories (3)
General Purpose Flexible Raceway (16)
Hal-Free Riser-Gard Flexible Raceway (6)
Plenum-Gard Flexible Conduit (81)
Resi-Gard Flexible Raceway (2)
Riser-Gard Flexible Raceway (63)


Black (3)
Blue (114)
Gray (2)
Orange (121)


Non-Metallic (307)
Steel (1)