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PVC Electrical Conduit Highly Flexible Pipe

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Shanghai LINKER Industry Co., a family enterprise that integrated research, development, design, manufacture and trade. LINKER factory was established in 1998 October. The factory already has twenty years experience and history. During these years, the company is committed to development and production for fire resistant plastic corrugated soft tube and plastic soft tube. The main products are over 10 kinds of various specs of plastic soft tube, and can customize colors, diameters and thickness according to customer’s request.

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PVC Electrical Conduit Highly Flexible Pipe


As vacuum cleaner hose, especially suitable for: 1. Industrial vacuum cleaners, 2. Family vacuum cleaners


1 Different types are available
2 Highly flexible
3 High tensile strength
4 Extremely tearing resistant
5 Antistatic option is available
6 Crush-proof
7 Gas and liquid tight
8 Comply to RoHS

Advantages of Flexible PVC conduit Pipe:

1) Corrosion resistance – PVC is completely immune to corrosion in normal ground water environments.
2) Handling/Installation – PVC pipes have long lengths and are light weight and easy to handle and install.
3) Flexibility – The flexibility of PVC pipes allow them to cope with soil movements, subsidence and expansive clays.
4) Superior flow characteristics – The very smooth bore and chemical resistance characteristics of PVC ensure no scale or built up corrosion, thus producing a high flow capacity.
5) Easily Machined/Cut – It may be cut and machined with simple tools, ready for jointing, anywhere on the pipe barrel.
6) Resistance to root penetration, infiltration and exfiltration – The PVC material is non-porous and well-made solvent cement jointed pipes and rubber ring joints, designed with a high interfacial pressure, have excellent resistance to root penetration.

Application of Flexible PVC conduit Pipe:

As cable or wire protection conduit tubing in mechanical engineering, plant engineering construction, outdoor application and those where liquids are in environment;
As suction tubing for fuel, oil in auto, connecting with fuel pump to tank.
Appliances, automotive wire & cable sleeving, industrial equipments,medical devices, machineries, general wire conduits,air conditioning/heating and ventilation.

Colors of Flexible PVC conduit Pipe:

Flexible PVC conduit is produced in a variety of solid and striped colors, which serve to help identify the duct for either its end use application (e.g., fiber optic cable, power, etc.) or owner. In determining the color of the conduit, its striping or the marking of the conduit or a combination thereof, it is recommended for safety reasons that the color yellow not be utilized since this is the uniform color code for natural gas applications.
Colors can customize according to customer’s request.

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Produce Process:

Extruder for isometric range commonly deep, the gradient type screw (see soft poly catch ethylene works extruder).Corrugated forming device is mainly composed of forming dies, transmission system and control system.The forming die is made up of dozens of split up and down continuously blowing mold, lower die to caterpillar respectively fixed on the two belts.When drive system driven in mold, mold repeated closed - open the action up and down. Constitute a circular pipe forming die closed cavity, after blowing molding corrugated pipe, open mold, can make the product mold release. Corrugated forming device products forming and the traction effect at the same time.PVC plastic corrugated wire tube adopts ZBG. 33008-89 standard.

Flexible PVC conduit pipe accessory

Company Warehouse:

Package, payment term and lead time:


customized; normal packing is : each roll with shrinking film surrounded/ or with non-woven bag packing, one roll one shipping carton with customized marks;

Payment terms:

T/T (mainly), PayPal, Western Union

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15-20 working days depending on order quantity.