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Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride pipe (CPVC)

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Shanghai LINKER Industry Co., a family enterprise that integrated research, development, design, manufacture and trade. LINKER factory was established in 1998 October. The factory already has twenty years experience and history. During these years, the company is committed to development and production for fire resistant plastic corrugated soft tube and plastic soft tube. The main products are over 10 kinds of various specs of plastic soft tube, and can customize colors, diameters and thickness according to customer’s request.

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Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride pipe (CPVC)


Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride pipe from the chlorine content of up to over 66% of the so-called processing of vinyl chloride resin obtained a good heat-resistant plastic pipe. Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride resin PVC resin obtained by chlorination, with the increase of chlorine content of resin, its density, softening point, heat resistance and flame resistance improved tensile strength, melt viscosity increased resistance, excellent chemical resistance, in the boiling water is not deformed.

Chlorinated PVC pipe features:

use the wide temperature range:-40 ℃-95 ℃;
has a good strength and toughness;
has a good resistance to chemical corrosion;
as a self-extinguishing of flame retardant;
low heat conductivity, about steel 1 / 200;
Medium heavy-ion concentrations of ultra-pure water standards;
Health and Performance in line with national health standards;
Ping-cleaning smooth wall: when the transmission fluid has a smaller friction and adhesion;
light weight: the equivalent of steel 1 / 5, pipe, 1 / 6;
easy installation: can be used bonding, thread, welding, etc. connection;
excellent anti-aging and anti-UV properties of normal service life longer.
Chlorinated PVC pipe main application areas:
Building with air-conditioning systems, drinking water pipeline systems, underground water discharged into the pipelines, swimming pools and spa pipeline;
industrial piping system;
Food processing piping system;
water supply and wastewater treatment plant piping system;
agricultural irrigation.

Advantages of Flexible PVC conduit Pipe:

1. The flexible pipes have extremely good waterproof, insulating and pull resistance.
2. The thickened surface is made of PVC. Fire retardant was added to the PVC plastic.
3. The structure is buckle structure, which enhances the pull resistance and is not liable to crack or deform.
4. Extremely soft with food bending performance. The inner smoothness makes the entry of wires very easy.

Application of Flexible PVC conduit Pipe:

PVC conduit serves two primary industries: communications (telephone, CATV, data transmission) and electrical (power transmission).In the communications industry, the advent of fiber optic cable has had a tremendous impact due to its significantly higher data-carrying capacity, particularly due to the explosion of the Internet. In telecommunications service (phone, data transmission), fiber optic cable is used, along with traditional copper cable. In cable television service (CATV), fiber optic is also growing rapidly in addition to (or replacing) coaxial cable. This progression toward fiber optic cable has made the need for protection more critical, since these materials are highly sensitive to moisture and mechanical stress. Damage can be very expensive in terms of interrupted service and replacement costs. Also, these cables are installed in very long, continuous runs which require a clear, protected pathway, as well as a leak-free system for air-assisted ("blow-in”) installations. In addition to fiber optic, coaxial cables have seen improvements to increase bandwidth, making these materials more mechanically sensitive.
In the electrical industry, a critical requirement is on maintaining uninterrupted service, as consumers and businesses are even less tolerant of power outages than they are of phone or CATV service interruptions. Although many direct-buried power cable systems are designed for 30- or 40-year lifetimes, they are susceptible to external influences like rock impingement and often require frequent repairs. Conduit is finding favor over direct burial in these applications due to improved protection, but it must be continuous and facilitate quick repair operations.PVC conduit is used to carry both primary (substation to transformer) and secondary (transformer to end-user) cables. Some of these installations also contain fiber optic cables placed alongside the power cables to connect with load-monitoring sensors located throughout the network.

Colors of Flexible PVC conduit Pipe:

Flexible PVC conduit is produced in a variety of solid and striped colors, which serve to help identify the duct for either its end use application (e.g., fiber optic cable, power, etc.) or owner. In determining the color of the conduit, its striping or the marking of the conduit or a combination thereof, it is recommended for safety reasons that the color yellow not be utilized since this is the uniform color code for natural gas applications.
Colors can customize according to customer’s request.

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Produce Process:

Extruder for isometric range commonly deep, the gradient type screw (see soft poly catch ethylene works extruder).Corrugated forming device is mainly composed of forming dies, transmission system and control system.The forming die is made up of dozens of split up and down continuously blowing mold, lower die to caterpillar respectively fixed on the two belts.When drive system driven in mold, mold repeated closed - open the action up and down. Constitute a circular pipe forming die closed cavity, after blowing molding corrugated pipe, open mold, can make the product mold release. Corrugated forming device products forming and the traction effect at the same time.PVC plastic corrugated wire tube adopts ZBG. 33008-89 standard.

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